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I was in a messy position when the firewall of my computer was not working properly. I was looking for every possible way that would help me out with this problem. And then going for the tech support solved my issue and all thanks to Techdrive Support team that helped me fix it with precision

Larry Johnson

I was in a messy position when the firewall of my computer was not working properly. I was looking for every possible way that would help me out with this problem. And then going for the tech support solved my issue and all thanks to Techdrive Support team that helped me fix it with precision

Chris Thomson

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

RxTechSoft is one of the first systems to offer pharmacies a graphical interface. Text based systems are a thing of the past. Screens are user friendly and alive with colors, action buttons, and easy to use point and click processes.

Prescription Processing

The prescription-processing module of RxTechSoft offers comprehensive script processing. In addition to the standard duplicate therapies and drug interaction warnings, RxTechSoft allows pharmacy personnel to quickly process one or dozens of scripts with just one mouse click.

Additional features include :

Easy to Use Patient Search: Search by prescription number, by patient HMO id, social security number, telephone number, Medicaid number, Medicare number, or by patient name and date of birth.

Easy to Use Physician Search: Search for database physicians using the physicians name, UPIN, Medicare or DEA number, or add your own physicians - all from the prescription screen.

One Click Script Fill: Fill all eligible prescriptions with one click of the mouse.

Quick and Immediate Co-pay Calculations: View and calculate co pay amounts quickly and easily based on patient benefit information.

Online Patient Rx History: View a patient's entire prescription history while processing a patient's script. Scripts are color coded, indicating whether it is ready for refill, has expired or poses a drug interaction problem to the patient.

Comments and Documentation: Document actions taken (spoke with physician, advised patient, etc.) when processing a prescription that may have had drug interaction or duplicate therapy issues. Capture additional comments indicating a patient's special needs or requests for the prescription.

Cost Effective Drug Offerings: RxTechSoft can offer alternative drugs for a script based on either formulary data or generic vs. brand information (based on AWP). If the drug is in inventory, the script may be filled with the alternative drug.

Partial Refill Processing: Process partial refill based on available inventory quantities or patient special requests quickly and efficiently without duplicate co-pay payments.

Process Prescriptions using Multiple Brands: Fill a prescription with multiple brands when inventory levels are low. (Prescription filled with 30% of pills from manufacturer A and 70% of pills from manufacturer B due to inventory levels).

Patient Profile Management

RxTechSoft offers one of the most comprehensive Patient Profile modules available. Patient insurance, demographic and prescription history information are only a few of the standard features of the software.

Other features include :

Patient Prescription Transfers: Transfer a prescription from one patient to another. No need to void the script and start over. If the wrong person was assigned the prescription, transfer the prescription over to the correct patient record.

Patient Profile Consolidation: Merge the profiles of the same patient together in order to create one master patient profile.

Patient Profile Interfaces: Populate patient profile information from 3rd party sources such as Envoy® and ProviderLink® and other pharmacies.

Patient Profile Interfaces: Populate patient profile information from 3rd party sources such as Envoy® and ProviderLink® and other pharmacies.

OTC Interactions: Capture over the counter sales to patients and use this data to determine drug interaction.

Disease State and Lab Information: Capture Disease State diagnosis codes and lab result information through 3rd party interfaces.

Prescription Form Printing

Prescription label printing is simple and easy with RxTechSoft. TechDrive has partnered with Reynolds and Reynolds in order to offer pharmacies the best printing options available using LexMark™ technology. Pharmacies are able to print laser quality labels and drug monographs.

The prescription sheet includes the following items :

Rx Vial Label: Choose one or two labels, depending on your pharmacy's needs. Two labels are common for double packaging of products, such as inhalers dispensed in cartons. In addition to the basic Rx sticker information (patient name, sig, etc.,) the label includes special comments entered by the pharmacist for the assistance of the patient.

Receipt: Print two receipts for customer convenience: one for insurance reimbursement and one for tax records. In addition to basic Rx information, the receipt includes Preferred Cap information and Delivery Information (for pickup or for delivery). The receipt also includes a Pharmacy Counseling Offer label. Receipts for partial fill prescriptions show the full co pay amount to be collected.

Consult Log/Co-Pay Acknowledgement Label: No need to write down the Rx number in the log book after every consultation.

Physician's Rx pad label: Simply peel off pad label, initial, place on back of Rx note, and file.

Patient Information Sheet: Streamline your operations by printing required patient education information at the same time as other script labels. The Patient's Information sheet will print in the patient's preferred language. Pharmacy staff members may print the PIS upon demand.

Auxiliary (Warning) Labels: Colored coded aux labels print automatically on the prescription sheet. No more peeling labels from a spool and attaching them to the prescription.

Drug and Inventory Maintenance

Inventory Maintenance is easy and simple with RxTechSoft.

Basic features include :

Drug File Maintenance: Automatic drug file maintenance is performed via First Data Bank updates. Pharmacy Administration may perform limited file maintenance.

Electronic Inventory: Orders Automatically place wholesale orders based on inventory threshold levels.

Inventory Updates: Pharmacy administration can manually modify inventory information

Electronic Formulary Updates: Update formulary information through optional 3rd party interfaces.

Prescription Deliveries

RxTechSoft is one of the few pharmacy packages that allows pharmacies to manage prescription deliveries. Whether the prescription is being mailed via Federal Express, UPS, USPS, or by Pharmacy Staff, RxTechSoft allows retail and mail-order pharmacies to manage their delivery system.

Delivery personnel can track prescription deliveries by using the optional scanning option.

Drivers can produce their own delivery reports listing the prescriptions that they've checked out for delivery.

Point of Sales System (POS)

RxTechSoft can integrate Rx data with existing POS systems. Rx receipts print with bar codes in order to process sales quickly and effectively. Using the Reynolds and Reynolds Lexmark solution, Pharmacies can also print coupons and seasonal promotions (using the optional 8 ½" x 14" label form).


RxTechSoft is unique in that it uses an open database architecture. Clients can query their own databases for customized reports. TechDrive can also create custom reports to meet client's special needs.

In addition, RxTechSoft comes with several standard reports :

  •  Delivery Reports for Delivery Logistics and Cash Reconciliation
  •  Daily Prescription Log
  •  Controlled Drug Daily Prescription Log
  • Interaction (drug and allergy) Log
  • Cancelled/Voided Prescription Numbers.
  • Implementation Assistance

    TechDrive specializes in assisting Pharmacies with existing systems in migrating their data to RxTechSoft. Most of the character-based systems have left pharmacy staff members ill-trained for the new and exciting point and click web environment.

    TechDrive can assist pharmacies with :

  •  Installing the system using the Big Bang approach
  •  Train personnel in both the Windows and Web environment
  •  Train personnel in the use of the RxTechSoft system; assist pharmacies with database files (inventories, physician, and patient files).
  • Assist with the migration of prescription data.
  • Prescription Tracking System

    RxTechSoft offers a complete pharmacy tracking system for large pharmacies, such as mail-order pharmacies. Tracking can be performed with an easy to use scanner or keyboard entry.

    A complete logistic system can capture the various prescription steps, including the following stages :

  •   Prescription entry
  •  Prescription fill
  •  Prescription quality assurance

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