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eTechPortals are tools that empower you, the customer, with various facilities like shopping, ordering food, etc. online.

Features of these content-driven sites include, but are not limited to :

  • Community development tools
  • Online chat & email facilities
  • Matrimonial, legal advice, etc.

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TechWebMarkets are tools that empower businesses to increase their market-share by interacting with customers of other businesses or companies on an organization level.

These marketplaces are ideally B2B verticals in various segments of the industrial world. Interactions between verticals in the same or of different categories are made possible with the wide variety of facilities.

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A thin-client Pharmacy Software Suite available on various RDBMS platforms, RxTechsoft is one of the first GUI Pharmacy systems available to chain, retail, mail order, non-profit and hospital pharmacies.
Some features of RxTechsoft :

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Prescription Processing
  • Patient Profile Management
  • Prescription Form Printing
  • Drug and Inventory Maintenance

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  POS Software

Our first foray into software was in the area of point of sales (POS), in 1996. Today POS Software is a comprehensive POS solution covering front office, back office, warehouse, branch and head office modules

This software makes POS Software internet compatible for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications on the Internet. POS Software is also available in specialized versions to cover all possible POS market segments.

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  Vernacular Software

In August 1998 we introduced Vernacular Software, our multilingual vernacular software product.

In August 1998 we introduced Vernacular Software, our multilingual vernacular software product.

Vernacular Software has key features that set it apart from the other software packages in the market. Chief among these is the phonetic writing possible in Vernacular Software. One does not have to know the script to write in the vernacular language. If one can "speak" the language then Vernacular Software can "write" it for you using phonetics. We, therefore, also have the capability of designing websites in most Indian languages.

This ensures that any person, unlike other Vernacular Software, which can only be operated by Professionals, can use Vernacular Software.

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