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Our Core Strengths

Everyone has to continuously engage in active Research & Development to address the worldwide need for net-centric, networking and telecom solutions.

Our unique 3-tier business model methodology aims at overcoming the functional, technical and business challenges of a multi-vendor environment in harmony with the business goals of an enterprise. TechDrive’s inherent belief is that a client's network is a mission-critical asset, and that the client runs its IT services as a separate business with customer service expectations, driving service delivery.

Our international software development activity is currently centered around the development of e-commerce & networking solutions. We facilitate business-to-business, business-to-customer, customer-to-business networked commerce. In short, we provide end-to-end web business solutions.

We have worked on projects on Finance, Distribution and Warehousing, Retail Automation, Health Care and Service Management. We are proficient in software development on all Windows NT, Java and RPG/400 platforms through dedicated development labs for each area.

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