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Managing a Business account involves a lot of dedication as it is a real troublesome. We will serve you from various aspects that are not only multifaceted in nature but eases one from a lot of difficulty. When we prepare a layout of business plans, we carry out in such a way that, it meets the expectations of our clients thereby enabling them to achieve their business targets.

We will concentrate our services on the following areas-

  •   Cash Flow and Budgeting evaluation.
  •   Debt and Finance Advising.
  •   Financial Projection and Estimation.
  •   Accounting services.
  •   Assurance and Advisory Services.
  •   E Tax Management Services
  •   Services for payroll.
  •   Entity Selection and Restructuring.
  •   Employee Benefits, Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans.
  •   Bookkeeping/write-up
  •   Estate and Trust Planning and Tax preparation.
  •   Financial and Retirement Planning.
Cash Flow and Budget Planning

With a defined goal to increase profit by managing cash flows and optimizing borrowings.

Debt and Finance Advising

Our specialists will understand your needs and create solutions that are tailor made to your specific situation.

Financial Projection and Estimation

We can help you do your financial projections and estimations.

Accounting Services

Along with maintaining a correct book-keeping, we offer our services on the following areas that relates to accounts services such as-.

  •   General ledger and financial statement preparation
  •   Bookkeeping on monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  •   Accounting system setup and ongoing support
  •   Payroll processing
  •   Personal financial statements
  •   Corporate tax planning and Tax return filing
  •   Litigation support-containment
  • . Tax planning, investments, employee benefits and profit-sharing plans.

    Assurance and Advisory Services

    Our services are designed to support your strategic goals, helping you anticipate and meet evolving risk and regulatory compliance requirements.

    E Tax Management Services

    We will help you with tax planning and devise policies that minimize tax liabilities. Our advisors will keep you on top of changes in tax codes and in compliance with them.

    Payroll Services

    Our services include designing and implementing computerized payroll systems that are easy to use and in compliance with State and Federal agencies.

    Entity Selection and Restructuring Services

    Our advisors can help you determine best business entity to meet your business goals and restructure it when necessary.

    Employee Benefits, Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans

    Our advisors will guide you with effective benefit plans for your employees that help in developing, implementing and administering your benefits, retirements and profit-sharing plans.

    Book Keeping

    Our services cover all aspects of the mandated record-keeping.

    Estate and Trust Planning

    These services will help in minimizing tax liabilities and allow transfer of business and personal assets in a tax efficient manner.

    Financial and Retirement Planning

    Our offering includes guidance that covers asset allocation, investment performance and monitoring, college education funding, retirement planning, insurance, tax efficient estate and business successions plans.

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