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To design, develop, host and maintain interactive and state-of-the-art Internet applications targeting audiences worldwide in a community and/or market segment setting..

Some of the special work done by us for our clients involved the creation of some of the following:

  •  Clubs (social, interest groups, etc.)
  •  Classifieds and Yellow Pages.
  •  Courting & Marriage.
  •  Event Management.
  •  Online Address Book.
  • These, by no means, limit other ideas or possibilities.


    A sophisticated platform where singles and/or special interest groups can come together to further their own specific goals.


    Classified Ads: City-wise & category-wise listing of classified ads pertaining to the needs of young couples e.g. crib for sale, etc...

    Yellow Pages: City-wise & category-wise listing of service providers for matrimonial related events e.g. pundits, marriage halls, jewelers, etc...


    Albums: Online facility to host Marriage and Family albums on our site for viewing by friends and relatives worldwide. This would be kept for life and we will encourage other family members to host their albums as and when they get married.

    Electronic Wedding Invitations: An application where we will send out wedding/engagement/party invitations to friends who have email facilities. Within the US we can provide RSVP and audio reminder facilities for their friends provided they give us the phone numbers.

    Snail Mail Wedding Invitations: Allow for the concerned couple to choose from a variety of card designs, print them and mail them at a charge.

    Bridal Registry: Full fledged bridal registry via a tie-up with online web stores and upscale offline stores (like Macys & Benzer), specialty stores for jewelry & stones (Bhindi Jewelers, etc.).

    Honeymoon Packages: Tie up with large agencies (American Express, Thomas Cook), airlines (or large discounters), hotel chains (Taj, Harrahs, Hyatt, etc.).

    Customs and Practices: Detailed information on matrimonial-related customs, practices, norms and mores with respect to the various religions, ethnic background (Bengali, Punjabi, etc.) caste, etc...

    Courting Issues: Column and online chat sessions on issues like dating, courting, manners, fun things to do (restaurants, movies, beach, etc.).

    Counseling: Column and online chat sessions on issues like the various marriage acts (Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act, etc.), pre-nuptial agreement, divorce-related issues, custody issues, Sati, Dowry, etc...

    Gifts: Advice on what kind of gifts are appropriate for various occasions (relate this to bridal registry shopping area for possible purchase) etc...


    Project Management Application to provide project management facility for the entire event such as exhibitions, seminars, etc...


    For family members and friends. For the US we can allow for Net-to-phone facility.


    Medical Advisor: Column and online chat sessions on issues like allergies, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, etc...

    Legal Advisor: Column and online chat sessions on issues like inheritance, property dispute, insurance, divorce, etc...

    Financial Advisor: Column and online chat sessions on issues like joint filing on income tax returns, savings for kids, etc...

    Psychiatric Advisor: Column and chat sessions on issues like dealing with separation while spouse is on tour, post-divorce trauma, dowry related trauma, etc...

    Astrology Advisor: Provide online as well as offline facilities for vedic astrology, numerology and tarot.


    Health Issues: Column and chat sessions on healthy living, obesity, etc...

    Beauty Tips: Advice for various occasions pertaining to hair, nails, makeup, etc...

    Fashion Tips: Advice on what to wear on what occasions.


    Baby Names: List and meaning of possible baby names.

    Gifts: Advice on what kind of gifts are appropriate for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc...

    Housing: Tie-up with a site specializing in locating suitable housing, advice on financing, construction, and focused attention for newly marrieds, old-age, specific family sizes, etc...

    Furniture: Tie-up with a site specializing in furniture, and advice on financing, construction, etc...

    Cooking: Recipes, and column giving advice on healthy eating habits.


    Current events in the area near you, people in the news, message for views on current subjects and market trends, the latest from Tinseltown, and Trivia.


    A 24-hour help desk chat facility.


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    Here is a partial list of eTechPortals that have been developed by us.

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